Friday, October 23, 2015

Saori weaving classes " book marking" sisters California visit

Tina and Sally STARTED there California visit with a Saori weaving class at the studio  and this past week ENDED  it with a  Saori class at the studio!
Sisters from Wisconsin  "Book  marking"  there Vacation  and what they wove this week…

 Tina brought back the scarf she had finished in class the week before Fringes twisted
 Just a  really wonderful scarf Tina!

Sally is starting her new weaving too she will weave her first  ever scarf.

 Tina threaded the warp I had wound for her

Beamed on and tensioned

and  so the day of Saori with their  (click for class info Zen weaving day )  class progresses …..

  And time to unfurl and see what yummy weaving emerged ….

 Tina fell in love with the Saori wx60 and I shipped one to her to arrive when she gets home...

Love both of there scarves!

Sally and Tina are going home on the California Zepher train …...I recieved a text and a photo from them  the BUZZ on the train was about her new battery fringe/ cord maker here  i sell in my studio and etsy shop
"the best thing to come along  since sliced bread"
 The fringes twister saves your wrists and hands and is fast and fun…. love those fringes!!!!
It was so wonderful to meet you both….

Peaceful weaving journeys
Jill Nickolene

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