Friday, October 16, 2015

Saori Santa Cruz weaving classes: On the move Children learn Saori in school

I have been teaching children Fiber, and other arts, for decades.
A degree in FINE ARTS  and being  being certified in k-12 teaching art  gives me a different approach to art than regular class room teachers have.This is a time to let go. No grades or expectations.
I am a authorized, and certified Saori weaving Studio  as well.
This fall Saori Santa Cruz is on the move again ...this time  I am off to public schools.

  Packing the bobbin racks  and boat shuttles with the  wound bobbins  along with yarns took a few days to organize.
my husband lee loaded up  the SAORI looms  that I  put in LOOM BAGS and off we went to the school  situated right off the georgeous pacific California coast

a lovely ride along the coast.

 no not surfboards but Saori Looms safely protected in bags…  plus Boxes of supplies…

Two of the class room teachers helped after I gave them a quickie saori crash course.
then they started to get excited right  along with the children.They were a tremendous asset.

 Because there were more children than looms I planned for  2 different types of weaving.
tapestry circle looms and Saori looms

 The 2nd through 6th graders came in shifts and wove on the loom  pod I had set up for them
while at adjacent tables the rest wove on differnt hand held looms.

 Of course  they  loved weaving on the saori looms, they picked it up almost instantaneously 
SAORI LOOMS  are so well designed it is a joy to teach with them as well as weave on them.  Children as young as four can weave on the Saori piccolo model

 Here  is one of the art teachers  Barkley  helping, he was in charge of the scissors he was called by the children " Edward scissors man" I wonder if they really every heard  of that moveie or even  know Jonny Dep in any role other than that  of the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow?

The students, even some with disabilities, and spacial manipulative issues , all did amazing!

I do not know who had more fun, the students, the teachers or me?

The magic wand  for this class was repalced by the magic shuttles.

Peace at the loom
peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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  1. So good to see children weaving........thank you for sharing


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