Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Roy Clemes of Clemes and Clemes visits Saori Santa Cruz

Roy Clemes  , the son of  the Clemes & Clemes  Fiber tools, Stopped by the studio this past week. How wonderful  to meet the person  that I speak to on the phone  and order from. They are always so helpful and get the in stock items shipped  to me in  just a day or two!

  Here i am with roy holding my rubber ducky yarn .Roy's  girl freind  Gina took this photo and posted  it on instagram.
Roy loved my rubber ducky yarn! and of course I asked him to try  saori  weaving ! He did very well!

To those of you who do not know Clemes and Clemes they make hand carders , drum carders, niddy noddies, electric bobbin winders and much more… those of you who spin know that for over 40 years there hand carders, and drum carders  have been famous !
 besides the classic alder hand cards they make cherry and walnut and other special run woods too.
check them out Clemes tools in my ETSY shop here

 Did you know they created the  first blending boards and made it popular ? still the best blending board out there ! many come lately models do not have the "magic " carding cloth of the Clemes boards. they are in cherry and  other beautifuly finished  woods with the adjustable "KEEL" and brass fittings MADE IN THE USA. Here in Pinoal California.
 The only motorized drum carder that is convertible  to manual in less than than a minute . schedule a time at the studio and try it out, it is awesome .

 The only bobbin winder with a electronic  foot control, not a rheostat design. noisy peddle!
i used mine to wind over 50 bobbins for a school weaving class a few weeks ago, it was heaven to use !

 I am glad you  and Gina had a nice time in Santa Cruz and Monterey and thanks again for stopping by the studio !


This week Georganne scheduled  a  2 hour TRY IT CLASS for her first experience in weaving, no prior knowledge of weaving needed.

 I gave her a branch from out property to hang her beautiful first weaving on. She sent me this photo a few days ago  of it hanging up in her home. Georganne will be coming this week for another set of Saori weaving classes …..

I finished weaving my wool ruanna yaradage

The end of my 12 yard wool warp 

A total of three panels sewn together . I twisted fringes and fulled and pressed  but to busy to finish it for the next few days

lots of hand spun in the is drying 

Peaceful weaving from the redwoods to the sea
Jill N sanders

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  1. I just love your blogs...thank you for sharing your wonderful work. I dream of coming over one day from UK (used to live in CA many years ago!). You were the person who inspired me to try weaving at the beginning of the year.....I haven't stopped since!!!)


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