Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Saori weaving ,a Zen day class , a learn to spin on a wheel class ,the Louet Art yarn flyer and more…. .

My white wool Saori weaving is done!

 what you can not see is the  sparkles through out this piece which I have called "glistening  snow"

I wanted a few slits 

I used Soak to soak my yarns and hand wovens and knits , unscented of course ,which is harder to find, if you have not tried this  no rinse wash for silks or any fibers  you are missing out on a really great washing liquid for your hand mades I  have it here Soak in my etsy shop

 All fluffy and dry.


 Katherine came for a couple of days for a Zen weaving class this past week.She wanted to weave a wool scarf. check out classes here Saori classes and spinning classes

 First day  50" inches

 second day ...

 and it is done!

 i can not wait to see it soaked , please send me photos Katherine! it is soooo lovely!

Twisting fringes

 and a a bit of time to show katherine how to spin on the loust S17 wheel Louets beginning spinning wheel here in my Etsy shop

 here first time on a spinning wheel and she did great!


Some marvelous cotton textured yarns I just put up in the shop hard to find  and in generous cones ...yarns sets here

 This one I love  it has soooo many uses from weaving to thread plying in spinning to run alongs with other yarns…

 Bulky textures I  soooo love them in my weaving

black and white or confetti 

Louet"s Re designed art yarn flyer
I adore the Louet ART YARN FLYER

 Here is Jeanette with her new Louet s10 C  wheel using the art yarn flyer

Louet has how ever made some  clever changes To it.
introducing the new and improved AYF!

  I have them  click here  SAORISANTACRUZ ON ETSY  if you buy the flyer and other things, a wheel, carders, bobbins I give a discount on the package contact me.

This ( above) is the original flyer. It can do this thing where the yarn drops down on the flyer when plying only , now I  have not had this occur in two years, but it does  do it for for some... so Louet has invented a solution for the flyer  it has added loops that eliminates this !


  At our maven meeting hosted by Fawn I loved all of sucellents this one was in box !

 And her creative use of left over spinning yarns strung on a cord like a beaded curtain affect.

  and maven Lea's beautiful yarn!


lets talk  tie on rods and cords for our Saori looms 

 I love the smooth finished Saori tie on rods .  for the piccolos too!

 we tape  cords then add the tying rod .The square cardbaord tube unique to Saori looms square beams means you can remove your weaving in progress  with out rethreading with a  saori inside sets 

I love my saori clipping rods in three sizes
I  especially love the saori  solid rods that you actually tie the warps on they are indispensible to me. I have several extra ones per loom. why?
I use them for tensioning with the saori " wave tecnique"
and I also  tie two  rods together through the drilled holes at the ends  for lease sticks when I want to remove a warp from my loom  and preserve the cross instead of having to  re tape my warps.
and Inprefer to use the smooth solid tie on rods at the beginning of my warps  when I first tie on and use the  new clipping rod design  when I cut off in process weaving only.

Cranberries are cooked, tofu cooked, and roasted fennel cooked. Those are my contrubutions to our families meal this year.,
I hope you all have a warm  full day with family and freinds .
I am grateful for my blog readers, and students this  is my 5th thanksgiving of my Centering with fiber  blogs .

  Two Saori piccolos are going to our families gathering tomorrow… it would not be the same with out them. weaving  together is a Sanders  a family tradition!

peaceful weaving from the redwoods
Jill Nickolene 

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