Sunday, December 6, 2015

Busy week with Saori Weaving classes and new colors of Saori ready made warps.

Cool rainy weather brings  focus for students  back inside for  Saori weaving and spining here in northern and central California .

  Christal came for a Saori hat class and she learned how to wind a warp thread and dress a Saori loom.

 Georganne bought a new SAORI WX60 FOLDING LOOM last week and came back with her new loom to learn how to thread a ready made warp .
threading the HARNESSES AND REED Aaway from the loom ( no bending over beams) SAORI THREADING HOLDER HERE

 Busy and fruitful class!

 Christal's first Saori scarf ( so fun!) that wove a few months ago she  wore  it for  to me to see before class.

Heather and Gina came for a try it class ( (more info click for scheduling classes) or email me

latter in the afternoon Cindy Christal's freind dropped by for a try it class and loved it so much she will be back tomorrow to finish her piece!

 First  Saori hat off the  loom now time to braid and finish...

 Christal wove two hats and took them home to finish the brading and to soak and dry.

 Cindy's weaving is just beautiful stay tuned for  more photos after she finsides it!


 Midnight blue cotton Saori readymade warp

 and a celery  shade cotton( only one left)

I am excited there is a all white cotton warp too!

 Check out all the Saori ready made warps in My Etsy shop click here


our son's birthday I wove a 8'  wool saori banner for him . A few days ago he installed it in his home  and sent me this photo.
I sewed a new piccolo bag "Red clay circles"  loom bags in my etsy shop click here

 …..a new full size folding bag that will fit all the wx60' or the sx60 looms

 well the class must of been a sucess because sGeorganne just sent me these photos of her first Saori weaving on her WX60 LOOM  and photos where she put put her Saori loom in her home. 


She wove 4 place mats, just georgeous, and she has  been weaving for less than  a month! now i want to weave some place mats don't you?  I love them Georganne!

well let me share with you a wonderful secret …. these Swedish reindeer pads for your loom bench.  Unlike wool sheep skin pads  there is an amazing healing componatnt to these reindeer pads. you can read more about them here in my Etsy shop pad description click here 
(reindeer in sweden are not an endangered species )
  I sell theses in studio and in my etsy shop.

there is so more but no more time …... Winter Solstice lights  need to go up…..

Jill Nickolene Sanders
my Etsy shop


  1. Just awesome. I LOVE the white piece. You are a SUPER talented artist.Thank you for my wheel and the added treats. Just gorgeous.

  2. Thank you Carol. Your Louet S10c
    Wheel is a awesone wheel so glad you you like it and the extras too!
    Can not wait for your weaving and spinning to emerge!
    Peace from the loom


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