Thursday, December 10, 2015

My new Saori hand woven Winter Solstice Glimmering Ice Place wraps

Winter solstice darkness is upon us. To usher in the light I have woven two sparking Saori pieces now  for sale up in my Etsy shop

First  piece is my  Glimering Ice Palace Ruana
light whites  wool and mohair  with the purity of  the reflective sky in  ice blue In just about every weft  yarn there are sparkling yarns ( which do not show in the photos) with my signature design back gusset inset for lovely drape over shoulders.

 sparkle close up

lots of textures 

 I love the drape.



Second  WINTER SOLSTICE  Piece is  Jill's one sleeve stole design . I always have trouble keeping stoles around my shoulders so a few years ago I designed a one sleeve stole which gives me the best of both a jacket and a stole! you can wear it on the right or left arm because there is no front or back. the  twisted fringe stole  side can flip front to back or back to front.
Because predictability is boring…. I wove slits  as accents on one side… shimmer and sparkle and keep the chill at bay.


Leigh Ann came twice this week for saori santacruz classes  ( call  or email me for a  scheduled class).
 First day was a learn to spin class
 She picked  it up quite easly!

 plying her  spindle spun yarns on the  Louet begining spinning wheel here wheel
 Niddy Noddying off the bobin
 Her VERY  first skein of yarn!

   While she was spinning Cindy was finishing her amazing  Saori scarf (first time weaver)

 Cindy's  lovely scarf off the Saori w x 60 loom

 I soaked her scarf in this  no rinse liquid wash ( in my etsy shop) for her for about 15 minutes and rolled it in a towel you can see how beautiful the textures become and how the wool blooms.  she will line dry it at home.

Leigh Ann came back for  a Saori  Try it weaving class this week…..

Just beautiful Leigh Ann!

Peace through fibers

Jill Nickolene Sanders

peaceful weaving and spinning in the redwoods 

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