Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Learning to spin my own yarn classes. saorisantacruz studio

Leigh Ann  learned to use a  drop spindle  last week  and is back this week  to learn wheel spinning.
I have two wheels set up for her to use. The Louet beginning wheel ( formerly calls the S17) 

 preping and blending fibers with hand carders , I love clemes and clemse hand cards

 plying  her two bobbins of singles.

 first complete wheel spun skein coming off the bobbin.
 clemes and clemes niddy noddy to make a skein!
 Leigh Ann rented a wheel for two weeks and
bought some fibers. she is hooked  and in love with  spinning and Saori weaving.


They are back!  The fleece packs for weft insertaion in saori weaving I use  these in my classes , and for needle felting etc.

 New the animal earth tone set  here

 Rainbow set .  Both sets have a generous 6 oz of fibers  and 20-21  different colors

Me ? I am busy  teaching, packing and shipping all of your orders out and doing last minute stuff like  ball winding and knitting a tomten hat for Boppa tomten's arrivial saturday at our family Solstice gathering…

Peace from the loom, and the wheel
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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