Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Saori woven wool Big Sur Sequoia ruana, and student's Saori scarf

Just in time for the cool fall I completed finishing  my Saori Big Sur Sequoia  hand woven wool ruana. Mountains , waves , migrating whales , redwoods ...Big Sur is always inspiring.
most of the weft is my hand dyed and hand spun wool.

 The  ruanna back gusset has my needle felted hand dyed wool rewoods with our beloved  local woodpeckers detail. side sleeve button closures.

 My Etsy shop listing for this ruana here details.

 A gorgeous  hand made glass button

lots of twisted fringes on the hemline.

over 11 yards of hadwoven fabric went into this ruana... fulled ,brushed ,sewed, spun, dyed,  twisted and needle felted ….

warm  protective  weaable art  to layer for fog, drizzle, snow.

Georganne returned to weave a saori scarf in several classes the past two weeks.Saorisanta cruz classes here

learning lots of tecniques….

She enjoyed trying on my Saori ruana, it really look good on her too!

 A lovely nose gay gift  from Georganne's herb garden, verbadum, sage, lavender, and others that I already  forgot the names of.

  ….and we can unful!!!

 oh wow!!

Lacis battery fringe twister
  twisting fringes is fun….. and
trying on her new scarf..
 " I love it"
I do to Georganne!

peaceful weaveing in the redwoods
Jill nickolene

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