Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saori weaving technique class for return weavers , new Saori weavers!

" Ok I love weaving now I  want to learn more?" 
Donna and Dee returned for a  Saori tecnique class this past week to " learn more "


  Saori  the Saori Wx60 folding looms are so portable they go out side to my teaching deck, and the new bobbin racks here in my Etsy shop are super fun and helpful!

  Beautiful fun pieces from both, and very different colors and approaches !


Michaline droped by the studio  tryed out a wx60 with the Saori 4" heightextenders , fell in love with it and left with a loom and some new cones of yarn and a glimakra adjustable LOOM BENCH here !  A New weaver is born !!!


Antoinette came by to learn changing out a inside set, and showed me her her great new Saori bag she wove and sewed! 

  She used these leathers handels from my etsy shop here  which  are  so easy and fast to sew on.

such a SIMPLE CUTE SAORI bag!!! fantastic!

switching out harnesses for putting on a new inside set.

 Opening up a new Saori piccolo loom here  only weighs 15 lbs from  out of the box box to weaving in less than 1/2 hour!


 Krisha is a  anthropological, archeological doctoral student in her last year study and came to the studio to learn weaving because her intuition  of her indigenous ancestry was calling to her, and to balance the intense studying schedules … she LOVED it!!!

  learning how to Twist fringes ….
 trying on a Saori hat…..

A bay tree branch from our property  tied to her new first ever  weaving!

…..and me ? I wound a  new wool warp this past week!!!

Peaceful weaving in the redwood
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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