Friday, September 11, 2015

New spinner at saori santa cruz and new Saori weaver, and a mavens gathering share kai

 Bob is new to weaving he is trying all kinds of weaving with different teachers. This particular week he came for a class at Saori Santa Cruz to learn just what is Saori weaving?click here

Antoinette wanted to learn how to sew a bag from saori yardage

  With much sucess  and a greater learning of what Saori weaving is and how it differs from most  other weaving Bob finishes his first piece.

  Antoinette's fantastic bag!

unique and and one of a kind Saori bag!!


Summer vacation  is over but one last day of weaving fun before school starts . children love  weaving on Saori looms. The saori ... click here PICCOLO LOOM perfect for children and adjusts higher for adults as well only weighs 15 lbs.

 Everyone is so happy weaving at the loom  with the convenient bobbin holder click here .I attach it  to the loom shelf with  a piece velcro one wrap easy strap ( the kind used for  wraping electrical cables)


Meet Nicole. she has been trying to spin for several years on her previous owned wheel and not haveing much luck.
she came for a day of immersing  bringing her own pygora goat fiber she raises to learn to spin with.

 I taught her about her wheel , we had several things that needed replaceing , the broken drive band and the foot man to treadle connector broke. all fixed  now we proceeded on and she did wonderfully!

 How to attenuate  her fiber for easy  fiber drawing…..

How to ply using a lazy kate

  How to use a lazy to make a skein…….
  First ever skein of yarn from her own pygora goats!

California still is dry and in a drought and i LOVE my SOAK Wash. it really cleans and NO rinsing saving time money AND WATER!

  Some amazing reduced prices in fibers from Louet their SPINZILLA special offer over 50% off fiber packs in my etsy shop
lavender merino!!! and flax, cashmere etc more info spinzilla July fiber pack only one left

Louet's August's spinzilla pack with Carmel  Apple  northern's lights space dyed roving.

 And finely a new cool idea Louet's  for september your choice of over three lbs natural roving AND  the starting sets of GAYWOOL dyes. a acid dye with no need to add vinigar it is all in the safe dye granules rubber gloves and color cards included.
choose from bush blends, or brighter originals! spinzilla fiber link here with a coupon off for ordering more dyes .

and for those of you how loved my solar dyed fibers and asked about the fibers I use  I started carrying  100% POLWARTH TOP HERE


Check out the newly stocked colored saori ready made warps in my my etsy shop click  here SAORI PreMADE WARPS

persimmon silk 
 lime sherbet silk
 cotton : sassafras bark

silk: Asters and larkspur
 Green cotton :sherwood forest


a great meeting and Kai at the studio in August 

 nettie unrolls your her latest  Saori piece
Dee's saori weaving
  we made paper  and added fibers!!!

 maggie wove on her tapestry loom
Brenda spun her beautiful hand dyed fibers


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  1. Hello Jill :0) I just found your place and you have inspired me to try Saori weaving on my table loom. The projects and the camaraderie I see is quite exciting! :0) Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos...greetings from the mountains in PA ... mari


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