Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saori friendships . Karen starts her 4 day retreat/workshop

Karen Pardee who owns her own Saori studio in the Finger Lakes reigon of New York state came last week ! 4 days of sewing, beaching, sewing,weaving, sewing ,redwoods and  designing ! Her studio is Serendipity Saori. We have been freinds for a few years and it was amazing to finely meet!

 Below is karen warping at the lower teaching deck studio using 5 warps  at a time with my JILL'S way of of incorporating  more interest into the warp. Above is karen weaving on the piccolo loom with that warp she wound. Her technique( green section  at the top)  is the" Santos".  the story is When she was getting her Saori  training in the  studio was a young man who came to weave  with disabilities . This is his technique  and named after him.  .I love the randomness of it! In Saori we all learn from each other.

  You can see Karen's hand knit mits with saori weavings on them! and her own Saori woven and sewn vest.
she finisdhed the warp and threaded the Piccolo loom took it back to her hotel room to weave and to bring to the beach the next day...

  The second day I invited students and freinds to meet us at the beach
 Jon and Jenny and Kristen, maggie, shar and jennifer enjoyed a lovely day at the beach weaving and spinning.

 Karen wove and sewed her "beach " top at her studio just for this trip! I absolutly love it! and the wooden stick closure .

 Back at the studio Karen tries on some un finished vests she brought with her for my help in designing and sewing. so we went through quite a stack problem solving.

Peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene

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  1. I met Karen on a beach day. What a sweet fun gal. Great day on the beach with friends.



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