Monday, October 28, 2013

Saori weaving with disabilities a sucess story

Jenny was born with physical dissabilites and has been blind from birth. My student Jon  who i taught to weave and spin has been teaching jenny to spin for the last three years.  When he met her she was folding pizza boxes and was not very happy. Jon called me up  asked me what I thought about him teaching her spinning instead and he rented a spinning wheel from me to teach Jenny spinning. What a sucess! She graduated to an electric spinner and is just starting to sell her hand spun yarns But This year Jon added Saori weaving for Jenny because he got his own a Saori loom this year, she is sooo excited.

  By adding the shuttle shelf to the saori looms it really helps with shutttle managment ..

less dropped shuttles. it was VERY helpful with jenny. she loved it!

Saori shuttle shelf

 while Jenny was weaving( the first time not assisted) Jon was learning about the Saori warping board.
he LOVED  it.  looms and accessoirs


 Jon and Kristen( one of Jennys aids and absolutly fantastic) holds up what jenny has been weaving with them the last 5-6 months.
 Jenny squealed with joy when she found out Christmas came early this year, as she got to take home a new loom and accessories. "JILL CAN I COME BACK I NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN"
 Sure you bet Jenny ! I think it was amazing she wove for 4 hours, and we wound bobbins but she changed them out and put them in the shuttle her self, and with the shuttle shelf she was sooo sucessful on her own! Such a sweet sucess story!

 what have I been doing with my hands? I  am sewing a custom tailored vest for my husband . The other brain side  from Saori. It was a bit of a sea change but it  all came back, I designed and sewed custom wedding dresses and bridal party clothing as one of my professions in my past life .

 A few more days and I should be done. But wait  I think I will take a break and spin some yarns and weave this week between students too......the other side of my brain needs my attention as well...
Peaceful weaving , sewing , spinning in the redwood forest
Jill Nickolene

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  1. This just made me so happy! Jenny used to come to my work and has always been a bright spark - I love knowing that she enjoys weaving!


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