Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saori weaving students

 Kacie is back this week threading her heddles with the saori threading holder after winding a warp and threading the reed last week on her lovely hand picked yarns for her warp .
 Ariel is back too with her Piccolo to thread her new premade warp( she wove the 6.5 yard warp that comes with the loom , off in one day she was so excited see the blue yardage in the foreground that is it!.) Ariel is using a saori ready made warp  saori premade warps, exclusive only to Saori looms.
 Thread and  then weave, you do not have to wind a warp or beam on! ready made warps come is 6 widths from 4" weaving width to 24" and lenghts  from 6 yards up to 33 yards long.
 The Piccolo's loom maximum weaving width is almost 16" wide, Ariel is using a 200x 20  16"wide on the 12.5 reed by 22 yards long.

The  Saori piccolo is all threaded !  Now to Return the warp roll over the back beam connect the warp beam and tie on to the front rod
and now it is time to weave

 out on the deck in the warm autumn sun to finish up the threading. (the saori threading holder is very easily  portable.

  This week's class is over but kacie will beam on next week and start weaving her scarf and Ariel is off to weave at home so that she can come back with her yardage  then  learn how to sew some saori clothing in another class saori santa cruz classes

I also welcomed two new" TRY IT" STUDENTS to the studio.
 Kori came with her mom to open studios , they purchased one on my hand dyed rugs, and Kori wanted to try weaving on a saori loom so lets look at what she did? she wove on the saori 60 classic loom. she picked up the treadling and boat shuttles very quickly.

 Teasing some  un spun wool for weft insertion

 Meet Mandy who came for a try it class too

 Mandy is a natural at weaving too! this was her first time ever to weave! She wore the this cool vintage 50"s apron she found and rescued from a garage recently . We discussed a class (because Kori loved her apron too). We will draft a copy of the pattern and sew a reproduction of this apron with updated tecniques and findings. I teach convention clothing construction as well as sewing with hand woven yaradage.

vintage apron


peaceful joyful Saori weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

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