Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saori weaving day 2 of my OPEN STUDIOS show 2013

with even greater anticipation we prepared for day two. we were all set ready to go but for the first couple of hours it was eerily silent no traffic sounds it was a puzzlement. Then when people stated to show up we found out that the main road to the studio was closed down several hours due to a car accident and there was no way to go around it. That made for a more condensed full afternoon of  new attendees but they were all wonderful and loved it.

  Fun trying on my  Saori woven pieces was very active today. This is the  "amethyst sleeved  and pocketed ruanna/shawl"this is an unusual piece because it is wool and mohair,  with mostly hand spun weft yarns.
 It is now for sale at my etsy shop.
 Some other pieces sold and went home with excited buyers.

  I took some time away from my weaving demenstrations to sit down  and spin a bit too.

" The art of the vintners tasting jacket"

   "Abstract yarn pallet "bias cut cotton coat.

My hand spun , handwoven  and sewn  PILLOWS 

 vests and scarves

 my purses and my "empty bobbins skirt II "on the gallery wall with my saori hangings

  Linda a freind and Saori student  came and helped on the second day. she espically loved the "GOLDWASSER JACKET" etsy shop and the "sandals and sand dress" etsy shop

 hand spun and felted mushroom house purse.

 'moon jelly" purse


 "parrots of telegraph hill jacket "

Thanks to all of you who came , helped, and also to those that purchased.
You all contributed to the shows sucess.
It was joyful and a total delight and I met many wonderful people.

peaceful weaving and spinning and felting in the redwoods


  1. ooooh, what a delight for the eyes! Your shop is amazing and one day I will travel across the country to visit it. Hopefully it was a successful open house and you have new customers and new artists ready to explore Saori.

  2. Thank you, i delight in seeing peoples expressions to the fiber arts. Every single attendee was positive . It was an amazing two days, a lot if work, but it was very well accepted . It is nice to have the studio return to normality and be teaching weaving and spinning again.
    Peaceful weaving


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