Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saori weaving at my open studio show 2013 DAY ONE

I have been  swamped with preparing for my my OPEN STUDIO tour of Santa Cruz country show that I have not been keeping up with my blogs!
I hope you enjoy photos of the show.... to start  off a few of my post cards that i sent out....

 But first a few prep photos...

  Meet Elizabeth a recent University of Cal. Santa Cruz grad who was my assistant a few days. She  was wonderful and helped in to many ways to mention them all!... Like making signs,   over 20. The studio is Rural so up to 7 miles away signs needed to be placed very early Sat. morning by my very supportive  husband lee, who also did ladder work too

 ELIZABETH and I devised a method of pullys for my installation of knit and felted bags, wall banners too, team work, cutting rope, adding weights, hooks rigging up pulleys etc, she did all the ladder work thank goodness I am not great with heights. Then there was a dead line for a article I needed to write and artist statement so I worked  on sewing while dictating it to Elizabeth, that was a first. Then  Lee my husband proof read it and we got it off just  in time .....

  I am sewing  and multi tasking getting final pieces done!!!

This piece  " Last procession for James "went  to the Blitzer gallery I made that dead line as well!

 My hand dyed , spun, woven and sewed saori pillow collection.

Finely after many months of work the show the doors open!

   Jennifer A Saori weaving  and SPINNING  student of mine, and a  good freind  Maggie  graciously came  to demo spinning out side at the studio  entrance and greet people as they arrived . Thank you so much Jennifer and maggie!

 Jennifer spinning and  look at her cool saori skirt she wove and made!

sun through the ash tree

And thank you maggie it was so nice to have to a beautiful sunny autumn day and to have you spinning , wish I could have joined you both both  but I was busy inside weaving and explaining what  exactly Saori weaving is and isn't .... all day long

 Maggie spinning with her incredible  spinning talent!

Time to close down clean up and rest for tomorrow, heart felt comments from all the show attendees , that made all the work worthwhile.


in the Santa Cruz mountains
Jill Nickolene


  1. What a wonderful open house. I would love to attend something like that if one was held here closer to home.

    1. Thank you, it is called open studios , artists from all over santa cruz county apply through a juried process back in april which is very difficult to get accepted.Santa cruz county cultural council tour is almost 30 yrs old one of the first in the nation. We give demos through out the week end . It is a chance for others to see where artists work ,produce, and in my case teach.


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