Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saori weaving for open studios show 2013

Soooo much yet to do. A glimpse into my frenetic, production mode in my studio preparing for OPEN STUDIOS Santa Cruz County Art Council  28th annual studio tour more info October 5/6

 winding my supplementary warp
  I thought up and tried something totally cool . I  beamed my warp onto the piccolo loom then piggy backing it  behind  my saori 60 loom....

 THAT IS HOW I wove my latest weaving, it worked really well

 all done off the loom...

 twist fringes
 wash and dry

 cut and drape and sew

sneek peek .....
Finished the new jacket "ART OF THE VINTNERS TASTING JACKET" available at my open studio  or afterwards in my etsy shop.

another piece off the loom and new jacket design this one is " Abstract Yarn Pallet"

love the fall of the back.

  Then there is my First in a series of 3-4  wool banners

 Second banner of the series. They will avaiable at my open studios show.

 Arrived with one of my  pieces to the Santa Cruz Art Leauge Open studio preview gallery to leave off my "transept " scarf

 picking up special signs for the week end. here the driector Ann over seeing operations ..

back to the loom, and hanging pieces, and ...... hope to see you there if you can make it.....

 New limited yarn sets and warps  from saori arrived this week more photos and sets available here my ETSY SHOP

jill nickolene
peaceful weaving in the redwoods


  1. You are so inspiring! I'm so glad that you share your love of weaving and are teaching and helping so many of us to explore our creative side through Saori weaving.

    1. Thank you wonderwhygal. YES sharing and showing how we can dig out creativity that is hidden in each and every one of us it is just so RIGHT!
      "if you are not having fun weaving then something is very wrong", i tell my students. so stop and change direction till you are !
      peace through weaving
      jill nickolene

  2. Jill, these are so beautiful. Each new jacket is even more beautiful than the ones before. How do you do it?! Re 'piggy-backing' looms- Mary Snyder did this to create some of her pieces; I worked on one of those at Banff in fact. I LOVE that you are so artistic and creative with your weaving, and even creative with your thinking in how to use the equipment! chana

  3. thank you channa
    i do not know of mary snyder? i know she was your mentor i believe? she sounds very talented. i also did not know if this type of supplementary warping with another loom had been done before. i actually call this tecnique "caboose warping " now .
    i immerse my self and i keep remembering to let go and and visualize colors while at the loom . i never know what will emerge .....


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