Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Daddy and me " learn to spinning at Saori Santa Cruz and my latest Saori weaving

 How special that  a dad Ethan scheduled a learn to spin class with his 7 yr old daughter this past week at the studio. They want  to raise a few mohair goats, and in doing research thought it would be great to start learning about mohair fiber and how to spin first.
Trinity and her dad loved the turkish spindles I gave them to use.

 And they were spining in about 10 mins filling up the  spindle arms with yarn!

 first  a ball of white, then a ball of brown .....
 then plying them together.... we have yarn!!!!
 I showed them out to flick card some dyed mohair locks and they each took a turn spinning some into yarn a tiny skein to take home  and dream about.( when the day comes when they will have there own mohair goat fiber.)
 Excited to be so sucessful in the first class they bought some wool fibers and rovings and two spindles to practice with  at home . There next class  is on a wheel! A great turkish spindle just like we used  here etsy shop

 I have been dreaming of weaving this warp for  a few months on my saori loom but was too busy and  this week I started!

 Off the loom.

 Soon my newly hand woven cotton yardage will be sewn into a jacket for my upcoming Open Studios tour of Santa Cruz County. studio tour guide here
If you are in the area oct. 5/6 from 11-5  drop by and say Hi and introduce your self!
peaceful weaving and spinning in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene
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