Thursday, August 22, 2013

"I never had so much FUN weaving, SAORI is great"

Ann came from Kansas and scheduled a class at the studio.
She had done some production weaving in the 90's but got bored .She had heard about Saori weaving and wanted to try it and had a really inspiring morning , she kept saying " I have never had so much fun weaving" and "This is artistic weaving, very painterly. "

peaceful  fun weaving when you return to Kansas Ann

Lots of group activity the past week......
My knitting group met and I asked some of them if they wanted to try on some my saori pieces I have made , so we had a little fashion show at the our local coffee shop

"parrots of telegraph hill" jacket

"Iceplants on the cliffs "vest  All of my designs fit sizes 4 -24.....

 "Goldwasser "jacket shop

 "artists saori coat"
 "peace flag jacket"

Thank you every one you looked fantastic in them!

Santa Cruz has a stong drumming community.
A fund raiser for Jacobs Heart had us attending a drum circle in downtown Santa Cruz, no I am not a drummer but my husband does drum, I picked up tambourines and joined in....  it was wonderful.

 Jim Greiner  is famous in our county , he gets the whole community beating together as one voice, without differences in age or ability, just like SAORI weaving...... no prior knowledge needed to participate.

 Keep the beat echoing long into the our lives....

Our MAVENS spinning  Group met in Palo Alto 
this month. 
thank you caryl for hosting in your lovely home ....

 spun four bobbins of this lovely fiber dyed by another mavens member Brenda pan's garden
 Shar modeled my latest saori design my artist coat all  bias cut .

 My bright yellow Columbine wheel large bobbins and art yarn sliding hook arived so I had fun spinning on it .
 And our  precious 18 month old grand son lost his most recent joy, the daily walk from his house to the building site around the corner  to see the CRANE! They moved it to another location in the county, ok I am going to have find new entainment for him when I visit!

  Lesson of the week..... savor and enjoy it all while it is still here and you can.....

Peaceful weaving spinning and sewing in the redwoods 

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