Sunday, August 19, 2012

 My latest clothing designs off of  my saori loom .
SNEEK PEAK for my Open studio tour in October

Cinco de Mayo stole

New blouse using my yardage  I hand wove from  my peace flag jacket blog link

 Various cotton and rayon yarns, some I hand dyed, some are SAKORI woven strips.

Peaceful weaving

Jill N Sanders
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  1. Beautiful. Your creations (and your blog) are a great inspiration to me. I only wish I had a Saori Loom, but they don't seem to be available here in the UK and I probably couldn't afford one anyway. However, I do what I can on my Ashford Knitter's loom...

    1. Thank you sue. Saori looms and equipment are fantastic but you can apply the the Saori principals of free weaving to any loom. Weaving is healing and if you do not over think expressive !
      Peaceful weaving

  2. I always love your work Jill, especially the second design, and those big square buttons look like chocolate, yummy! Can't wait for my WX60 to arrive, I've been eyeing up all my old handspun yarns after seeing your beautiful blanket too!


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