Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sewing , Saori weaving,visitors and more

Diverse swirling happenings the past week at the studio.

 One of my sewing students chose the most fantastic, fine light weight lawn cotton to sew a tunic.
I took some photos in her  sewing room durning our class as we cut out and measured , pinned, sewed, serged, eased and pressed our way through the quest for the "perfect tunic"in  design and fit. 

I love the way she organized her ribbon on an unused spool rack. They are also on display . You can enjoy the colors . My ribbons  are all stuffed in boxes, but what a delight to see the joyful colors daily!

Oh if only I was this organized.

Her choice of the two fabrics was  very thoughtful and she has a very good eye for quality fibers.We decided to face the the bodice and redesign the sleeves with her contrast print rather than keep with the one print..

  FINISHED and  what  a fantastic look! I LOVE THE  two pleats in the front and one in the back. This tunic is flattering AND  comfortable

 And the cool light weight cotton hangs nicely don't you think? You can wear a shell underneath or a T shirt.

I see more variations of this tunic  emerging  sewn in different weight fabrics for fall and winter. It looks so great!

I love when members from RAVELRY come to the studio for a visit. This week I had ' Padrewayne '(Wayne) and Harry visiting, and 'artique'(Linda).

 We had espresso on the deck and talked fibers, weaving, sheep and stuff .....

 Harry, a spinner and knitter  was trying out the Nancy's Knit Knacks  skein winder and ball winder and fell in love with it..
 Wayne tried out weaving on  the Saori 4 harness 60 loom."Large sheds, and very easy to treadle."
" how cool to have the bobbin winder built in". He was away from his loom for a week while on vacation  and was having weaving withdrawal while they visited Santa Cruz. Even sitting for a short while at the loom for a fiber 'check in' helped.  What was on there agenda next?  Shakespeare Santa Cruz in the glen  on the UCSC campus was scheduled for there  evening.

 Leaving in the convertable mustang, bye Wane and Harry, thank you for the great visit!

This is molly she works in a local health food store. I had to take a photo of her repurposed wool sweater. She cut it down, and on the sleeves with the excess, she snipped fringes on them. Very cool. She says she has a skirt with fringes and she needed something to go with her" cow girl skirt so I made  this top." Brilliant Molly!

 I got to meet Caryl in  the studio yesterday.
She tried out a saori sxloom and the saori warping frame. Awarping frame left with her and some new lovely   Saori yarn 10 cone sets.
(Here are a few photos of the differnt Saori  special edition cone sets)

 cones avaiable MY ETSY SHOP too.

 She tried on several of my hand woven clothing designs, and will be weaving and coming back for my sewing design classes with her hand wovens.


And what else am I up too? While the fridge service man was here, again, I wound  a Habu stainless steel silk warp and sleyed it latter in the day. And no the fridge is not fixed yet, they ordered the wrong parts, once again.
 Using the unique Saori threading holder and cross holder makes threading a breeze.
my lap top and I in the wee hours

Peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene Sanders
my ETSY shop

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