Wednesday, June 13, 2012

clothing construction class at saori santa cruz and saori banner # 3

So many want to learn to sew for many reasons. From starting a new business, to making there own wedding dress, or to  use there own handwovens to sew new clothing,  and many more reasons.
Sara came into sewing because she wanted to create her own wedding dress last year. once she did that she realized that she can take  control her own taste  and she wanted to continue to sew.  She sought me out because she wanted to learn to sew and wants to start her clothing line in her own shop on line. So we started this week.
A look into her progress.

 layouts, learning  about ease and stay stitches  on princess seams on her bodice.

 And now my latest banner.
MOONSTONE BEACH is the 3 rd in my banner series.
warp in the Saori cross holder.

 Drying  the banner

jill nickolene

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  1. A river running through it......lovely!


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