Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Learning saori weaving and rigid heddle loom weaving

Ah the dilemma of   wanting  to learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom but  also intrigued with Saori weaving. So I  did a class using both types of looms. My new student confessed that she is quite rigid and not prone towards  improvising.

I think she did fantastic improvising!

  On to learning how to warp the Glimakra Emilia rigid heddle loom for weaving a scarf.

 winding the warp out on the deck.

 beamed on she is threading the heddle holes.
   warpd tied on and packed with sticks to leave room for the fringe . She is Ready to weave
Check back in  a couple of weeks and see how Jennifer's  scarf turns out as she is taking the ridgid heddle loom home to continue to weave on her scarf but ssh  I think it is a gift for her mum..

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  1. I'm not sure my arthritis will keep me with a nearly unused Schacht 25 in. rigid heddle. Thinking someday i may sell it or swap for a Saori loom like the one pictured. The foot treadles seem helpful. Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie
      The saori looms are arthritis friendly please feel free to email me I can explain why they are very different from rigid heddle looms


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