Monday, June 25, 2012

A new Saori banner #4 started, new saori weavers first scarf finished

Is anyone else busy? Gawd I am crazy busy but my fiber art  keeps me centered.
I started my  4 th of the series of saori banners. This ones is FIERY , I am calling it the "BURNNER BANNER" after the burning man festival around labor day each year. what is burning man?

Creating my own yarn cone of unique yarn right on my saori loom. All it takes is 3 seconds  to slip the wooden cone adapter right on to the saori bobbin winder, slip an empty cardboard cone on, and wind! you can purchase the Saori cone winder attachment here

Jennifer finished her first woven scarf woven in the saori style. This was to be a gift for her mom but she loved it to much, and it is her very first weaving so it means so much to her.  her next scarf is going to be for her mom. Great scarf Jennifer.

   Learning to twist fringe

Jill Nickolene
Etsty: saorisantacruz

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  1. Jill, I've been crazy busy too. Only not with weaving :-( It's too hot upstairs for me to do anything (weaving OR sewing) so I've taken up crafting downstairs and have found new crafts to have gun with.
    I haven't been on the Ravelry forum lately either. I need to go catch up!



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