Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saori banner 2

 My  latest vision is a installation of a grouping of my hand woven Saori banners ,  for my fall  studio show so.... you will find me either warping, threading or weaving every day. Number 2 of the series is  done today.

A gathering of some of the  wool yarns for my weaving. Quite a few I hand dyed.

First wind the warp.

 Preserve the porry cross with the saori cross holder.

sley the reed, thread the heddles, then take them to the loom , hang them, hook the treadles, set the reed beam on.

 wind bobbins....  start to weave.

Banner off the loom , fringes ready to be twisted and then washed and dryed in the sun.

Almost finished a bit more drying in the sun.

peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene
ETSY shop saorisantacruz


  1. Luscious happy colors! This is a lovely piece.

  2. Dear Jill, I came upon your blog via one of your image on Pinterest. Thank you and thank you for a wonderful website and blog on saori weaving. I'm a beginner weaver attending my first weaving workshop. My interest in weaving is to use my eco-dyed fabric/silk to weave. I'm looking to buy my first loom and I can see you have a link to great saori looms here. I have added your blog to my blog list and will come to visit you again - Many thanks Nat


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