Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saori students bags, kids and Saori , and other musings

6 months ago Linda started weaving with her new saori sx60 loom. She has been weaving ,designing  and sewing  some beautiful bags about 10. I thought ,everyone should see these lined fantastic bags , so here are some photos, I love  how these bags work linda!

I made some saori barrettes with interchangeable snap off and on woven features . 

 I just recieved some more saori cotton yarn sets, my favorite rainbow 18 cone set. First layer

second layer for sale on or  etsy

  I was instructing one of my students to prewash/shrink cording before we  cover and sew welt trim for some pillows .  Then I saw the result. Oops We had a good laugh, on the right  is the cording  she  washed in too hot of water cording on the left  the unwashed cording.  Looks like art yarn! Lesson  here , use tepid water.

Newest warp, threading with the saori threading holder, soooo easy then I take it over to the saori loom to beam on.

I had a wonderful mothers day.Our son picked me up and I spent a day with the family and my other son and his family came by too.  I brought the saori piccolo loom which is just right height & well designed  for children under 7 years old, my 4 yr old grand son loves to weave. This time he wanted to put "puffys" unspun wool into her weaving too. and my 2 yr old granddaughter like sitting on her dads  lap turning the bobbin winder while he wound the bobbins.
The weather was perfect,  and being surrounded by family and grandchildren and enthused children weaving Saori was so joyful!

peaceful weaving
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