Wednesday, January 19, 2011

saori weaving challenge

I need to set to goals. So in the" weaving in the saori way" group on ravelry I decided to start a thread........ setting a  weaving challenge for your self and send in your goal and photos of the progressions. Any ravelry members can join in the fun just go to ravelry and join the "weaving in the saori way" group , find the thread saori weaving challenge!
day 2,1 yard woven

mine is my beach warp. So I am going to weave 1 yard a day for 30 days. I have the 15 yards by 18 to 19" width  beach warp already dressed on the loom so yesterday I started weaving, I have done my 2nd yard for today but tomorrow I have a student so i am going to back to my loom to weave another yard. This is a sand, drift wood, dry kelp, gull feathers, shell and rock shades of yarns in a gauze weave to be sewen into clothing once I see the finished washed yardage and then design and sew a summer tunic  or maybe a dress and short jacket.

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  1. Love this challenge Jill and look forward to seeing the cloth - and the finished clothes! It really fits with Misao Jo's saying of 'Weave Every Day'.

    Happy Weaving


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