Saturday, January 29, 2011

day 12 of the saori weaving challange

In the ravelry group WEAVING IN THE SAORI WAY  I took a challenge to weave a yard a day for 30 days. link here if you are a ravelry member

I wove off my neutrals beach warp and put on my "inside set" warp I had started in september but did not finish. { only with with saori looms there is a unique feature that one can buy an extra set of harnesses and a reed and a warp tube cords and rod and in 10 mins. or less switch out one weaving for another.}

 sun and rain warp

Today is the 12 day of my challenge to my self and I have woven a total of 13 yards so far.  11  yds. beach warp, and 2 yards on my bright warp.
It was quite a shock to go from intensely weaving neutrals to brights! Color therapy is defiantly in motion here. This is an amazingly happy weaving, full of energy and light my beach weaving was very peaceful and introspective..
 In this current saori weaving  I wound a warp that when i saw it on the loom I did not care for it. so it languished for a few months, then I just cut loose and started to believe in it and stretched my color pallet and I love it now. A perfect weaving to brighten a cloudy rainy day. " It takes both the sun and and rain to make a rainbow" I guess the weft is weaving is my rainbow. The warp is my sun &  rain.

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  1. I'm really enjoying watching your weaving grow longer and longer....and now bright colors on the go. Fun! I'm hoping to be able to be free with my own weaving when if finally get my RH loom 'interruptus" right now unfortunately. So I read and admire your efforts instead. Thank you!


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