Saturday, January 1, 2011

SAORI loom bag

Happy new year. after tossing and turning last night and unable to go to sleep, I thought this is unproductive. So I went down to the studio to wind a warp but realized I would wake up my husband up soooooo  back up plan, went to the quiet sewing studio and finely made some loom bags for my saori SX60 folding looms. I had had the fabric, a remnant of home dec fabric, for months now and good intentions so I thought new year might as well start if off right and get the bags sewn!
The fabric is a cotton and rayon chenille. It frays terribly but my serger took care of that problem. I chose  which side to place where and i decided to put the pile padding against the looms in transport to classes and demo's and fairs etc. saves the blanketing of each loom in the bed of my truck.
I scoured my zipper stash and the only heavy duty zips I had were white, and the fabric was a wee bit to short so i had some cotton velveteen I doubled to make  gussets.  At least the colors were neutral so they blended.Took advantage of the selvages and ran a nylon cord through a top channel , squared off the bag bottom . I had bought some nylon web  for my stash straps so I made generous handles , I can reach the handles from the tail gate of the truck now with out always climbing up. I was finished before 4:00 am. I like a solid plywood insert in each bag so tomorrow to the lumber yard  to have them cut to measure the bottoms.

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