Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weaving on my Saori loom with my hand spun yarns.

In our RAVELRY group weaving in the saori way  for the month of August we are going to weave our hand spun from July's TDF  into Saori weavings.
Here is my first handspun from the Tour de  Fleece ( TDF)  skein.  I decided to  weave  a scarf using  my saori Piccolo loom. It turned out so soft and  so light weight.

 Here is the merino roving I dyed  and carded into batts to be spun.
and this the art yarn I  spun
Threading the reed with habu stainless steel silk yarn with a wide set.

Here is my scarf being woven on my loom.

After a soak and a crunch and allowed to sun dry the scarf settled into it's  own happiness .
 finished the  scarf narrowed down nicely, it is snuggly  and weighs next to nothing.

Wild and and totally saori don't you think?

Finished my banner # 5 last week of my series. Wool yarn most of which I hand dyed. On  this one I was really into rectangles . ....... just because I was.

 peaceful weaving
Jill Sanders
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  1. Beautiful weavings, Jill. I'm a passionate weaver myself in Erie, PA. Peace. Barb

    1. Thank you Barb. You keep on weaving with passion.
      continued peace and love for the fiber arts


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