Saturday, January 8, 2011


maggie's amazing bags she woven/sewed over  her winter solstice break

lovely maggie

maven's of the fiber forest lea, brenda and maggie

sheep soap craft maggie brought her aroma therapy scents so we could add it to our slurry 

 maggie taught us to spin paper yarn from coffee filters we colored with pens first.

more spun paper before yarn  and after

enjoying saint distaff's day, or ROC day spinning

lea's  fiber filled "watch" ball.  we made these to discourage negative energy from coming our way or to "watch out" for us.

mavens lovely sheep soaps we made during our party so pretty!

 To those who do not know what st. distaff's day is a ancient celtic tradition on january 7th the first day back to the mills or work places, after the 12th day of christmas january 6th. The workers who are spinning, weaving , dying would play and take this day day to celebrate there fiber there skills, and thankful for both of the aforementioned.It is called saint distaff's day or rock day.{ the ancient  spinning was done with a cord tied around a rock and spun like a drop spindle.} NO there is no saint distaff and it is the only ancient holiday named after a tool not a person. 
This year I held a party at  the saori  studio. We spun paper from coffee filters, thank you maggie, and made hand stamped labels with sheep , spinning wheels and looms. we even made soap with sheep molds and natural coloring with mica. Another of the fun things we did was fill clear glass balls with fiber and yarn and shake them then say a celtic verse that is supposed to ward of negativity . you can use jars, or bottles but the clear ornaments were so perfect for our celebration.....  
Thank you maven for the food, and spirits and sharing the love of our fiber crafts which each other.

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  1. WOW, this looks like a really fun day Jill!


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