Wednesday, August 4, 2021

saori santa cruz studio opens again after shut down for ourdoor spinning and weaving classes

 A year and half of shut down from covid 19 and i am open again for  Fiber Arts classes again. spinning and weaving .Lea was my first student back to beam on a warp that has been waiting since before the shut down to beamed on onto a saori square cardboard tube and taken home to  ch60 saori loom to thread . 

Since teaching demands closer contact with students all must show proof of vaccinations and be masked . 

 using the Kenzo table top threading  and beaming holder makes this task so much eaiser i love Saori innovations 

 ta da  a wound warp  to take home and thread 

it was a beautiful late spring day to be safely out in the lower teaching deck! 


Saahiti came back to weaving again, i was worried she may have forgotten but she did not!


 i welcomed two new students  in early june a 'try it "  sam , and a student to learn to thread a  Saori ready made warp student  Katie.

 katie taking a break from threading  and  relaxing doing some spindle spinning 

second day Katie put her saori warp on her PICCOLO 40 LOOM CLICK HERE FOR ABOUT THE SAORI piccolo 40 loom 

 the  saori piccolo 40 loom more info about the saori piccolo loom

 Katie loved my Indigo  saori woven and dyed jacket and purchased  it after trying it on , she never took it off!
 it found the perfect person!

it looks wonderful on her!

a wonderful studio opening this past week! 

peaceful weaving in the redwood forest 

Jill Nickolene Sanders



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