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Two excellent  years old loom company's Glimakra  from Sweden and Tokia from Finland  worked together to create this sturdy new rigid heddle loom ergonomic . VISIT MY 2ND  ETSY SHOP CENTERINGWITHFIBER rigid heddle looms in my etsy shop here

Just one look at the Siru loom and you can see how the adjustable raised warp beam is designed for comfort for tje weaver. This rigid heddle loom is in a class of its own . Nothing plastic  ,except the heddle , stong  ergonomic . Notice where the cloth beam is? It is not under the front beam it is back in the middle of the loom!  The only rigid heddle loom with this design! 

You do not need a stand for this loom weighing in about 9 lbs it sits comfortably on a table and does  not move around.  In fact i did not even clamp mine down . 

You can use the notches on it to brace it against the table edge with the front in you lap as well , to weave. The adjustable angle of the whole rear of the loom is brilliant. This make the siru loom the most  comfortable  rigid heddle loom i have ever used.  

You can easily weave with the front on your lap and the back braced against a table edge . Or on a table top either way is more ergonomic design . Front and back separate beams . the cloth beam  is far back  , in the middle  of the loom NOT right under the front beam , which is such a relief ! This new loom’s design  is  so well though out ! 

  it comes with  one 10 epi heddle  but you can buy size 8, 10, or 12 heddles. it has 2 heddles built in as well 

    buy the siru loom here

 it comes in a flat pack

it is heavy and sturdy weighing 9.1 pounds 

i wanted a large heddle for my art yarn so i bought a ashford rigid heddle and i hacked it so it fit the Siru loom  TOOK 15 minutes was not hard .

 and it works 

 the stainless steel warp and cloth beams and the cogs and pawl are thick and strong 


to buy a SIRU rigid heddle loom click here

my second scarf with my handspun art yarns  on the siru loom

 i was so fun to weave 

  Siru loom here

peaceful weaving in the redwood mountains

Jill Nickolene Sanders


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