Wednesday, August 4, 2021

July my month to card batts and spin yarn for 21 days with Tour De Fleece

 Get ready…..  YEP I AM SPINNER ! LOTS OF COLOR FROM MY BATTS AND SPINNING FOR THE TOUR DE FLEECE 2021! ENJOY! working backwards because Blogger changed all the cool stuff and now it is hot mess , i wish they would fix it!

 had to do a skein of rubber duckie yarn this year!

could not have done these amazing yarrn with out my SPINOLUTION FIREFLY WHEEL

 the spinolution 64 oz flyer AMAZING 

 core spinning with wire! when i took it off the bobbin i wrapped it around a umbrella!

 I COULD NOT MAKE THESE BATTS WITHOUT MY CLEMES AND CLEMES BURNISHING BRUSH   info about the clemnes and clemes burnishing brush 

peaceful spinning in the santa cruz mountails
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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