Friday, May 6, 2016

A new louet s10C wheel goes home with a new spinner , Saori hand woven vest, new crop of Saori hats, and a student learns to thread her ready made warp...

A really busy past few weeks at the studio. I found time to wind a warp and weave some Saori hats on a sunny day on the deck it was so easy to carry my piccolo down to the outside lower teaching deck and sit and weave peacefully for several afternoons!

 I love warping and weaving on my saori Saori Piccolo Loom here , weighing only 15 lbs I can carry it anywhere easily to weave and having the built in bobbin winder so I can wind bobbins as well where ever i am is just so very nice. no fussing it opens and closes in seconds . no  extra tables tables needed no sliping clamps like on rigid  heddle looms needed. easy and fun light weight but sturdy.

 winding my warp
 threading  comfortably away from the loom

 weaving on the lower teaching deck
 hat one
 Earthy and forest themes suitable for GUY hats too hat 2.

 next day...
 hat 3 and 4
 all cotton with a bit of rayon and lots of textures.

 I love chartreuse so of course some of my new soft cottons cones bulky cotton in my etsy shop here made there way into the wefts of the hats as well!

my DH is wearing his Saori hat all the time, so he got to chose his favorite from the 4, the rest are up in my etsy shop Hats here in my Etsy shop

 Stanley came with Sharon to try out Louet spinning wheels. Sharon is a new spinner …

 She fell in love with the Louet s10C  louet wheels here

  and left happy and in love with her new wheel and niddy noddy and fibers

Leigh Ann is back to sew with her beautiful Saori hand woven Saori fabric . this time to sew a vest for her sister in law!

 She learned  darts !

She will take the vest home to do all the seam finishing  on her own but it is really beautiful!

she also brought a piece she has been weaving  to show me ! I just love it !  pinks and reds and tangerine.

she used this varigated Soft bulky cotton my etsy shop bulky cotton cones which  is the yarn she uses for most of her clothing pieces too." Jill I really love this cotton yarn . It weaves up beautifully, and washes so soft and yet has drape!"


Susan bought a Saori ch60 classic loom a little over  of a month ago.
she came back for a full day's class on threading and warping!
with her she brought show and tell of amazing pieces she has woven since and sewn!

 A darling superbly crafted bag she sewed.

 Check out the batik  fabric and useful pockets in the lining!

 This is piece she wove and felted with using wool needlepoint yarns  ( she said her cat adores it)
  This piece she said will be a princess cut vest
 This one will be a poncho but we measured and she will need to weave another section to have enough yardage.
 then I showed her how to thread a saori ready made warp with the threading holder. she bought a 250 ( 20" in the reed) warp
 Next we had just enough time to wind a narrow scarf using the Saori new warping frame here
 You can wind 5 threads at a time just using your thumb

on her list was the Saori cross holder here which takes the place of holding the cross or lease sticks.

  she had on her list also to purchase a saori inside set which will allow her to plop on this threaded warp when she gets home in about 5 mins and  start to weave her scarf!

 Threading comfortably away from the loom with the saori threading holder
 All beamed on!
 now the inside set all tied up!
 off the loom!

 A super happy susan heading home with warps a 250 black ready made warp all threaded, and her hand wound scarf warp all easily transportable and or stored and lots more knowledge of how the saori loom works!

Peace from the loom
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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