Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saori Zen weaving day , hand woven cotton linen roller towel

It was a beautiful spring day in the redwoods . Lea came for a full saori weaving Zen day class
out on the teaching deck

  She is a marvelous spinner and brought  some her own  hand spun to sprinkle throughout her weaving .

   I set a winding station  with the NANCY'S KNIT KNACKS HEAVY DUTY BALL WINDER HERE and left her to weave all day with a set up loom at her own pace.
 check out Lea's web site lea's web site here for her cool hand spun yarns  a
 Here is one one of her art yarns  wound onto a bobbbin
 Such fun to see your hand spun woven for the first time ! All saori looms have built in bobbin winders Saori looms and accessories here it makes it so convenient to have it  located right on board the loom.  The saori looms are light weight enough to move anywhere you want to go !

  a day ove weaving is over and it is Time to use the Saori clipping rod to cut off her weavings


The day went by quickly " I had so much fun Jill! thank you so much ,it was beautiful  and serene out on the deck and I love my three hangings that I wove, I will be back soon" …Lea

 I can not say I ever wove a dish towel in my 40 plus years of weaving. i never wanted to . I do not " get "  the desire to weaving towels  but a group I am in on ravelry is doing a Weave A long sooo i said OK! BUT I DID NOT WANT  IT TO LOOK ANYTHING  LIKE A NORMAL DISH TOWEL!!
Well I  hope it does not! I wove it for our clay/ceramic studio!  the challange was it is a roller towel , remember those vintage cloth  roller  towels that were a circle ? well this is my  a take on that!

  I used  8/2 cottonlin yarns some doubled in the warp  cottonlin organic yarns here

  Sewing button holes on the tabs  I went to my recycled button stash and made what I call wedding cake buttions  and sewed them on!

then my DH came in and announced that is way to cool of a towel to get ruined in the clay studio so now it is in the kitchen ! phooey ...  it looked really cool by  the utility sink  in the clay studio too!but i like in the kitchen too with all it's 
funky saori-esk tabs !


This is the exact  amazing wheel from Holland  I have as my own  personal wheel  but in scotch tension so there is this cool thing you can with the Louet S10C WHEELS !

YOU CAN TURN THEM INTO EITHER IRISH TENSION OR SCOTCH TENSION BY SIMPLY CHANGIING OUT THE MOTHER OF ALL IN LESS THAN A MINUTE!  so I still can have students try out the scotch tension wheel on my S10C wheel by only taking a  minute to switch out the mother of all , bobbin and flyer…. easy peasy.
.This is the new model  full size s10c  wheel that breaks down in a few minutes flat for travel!
more info on my floor model wheel sale here  or call me or email me . my  info you can get  from my website here WWW.SAORISANTACRUZ.COM on how to contact me  ask questions or purchase it right from my etsy shop. or stop by the studio to try it out!


Peace from the LOOM and wheel
classes in saori weaving, spinning and sewing ...
Located in the Coastal  California redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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