Saturday, January 10, 2015

Two students, two day Saori weaving class

Mickey a retired CEO and Antoinette an accomplished sewer and fiber person and mom came for a two day "weave a stole "class this past week. Mickey is weaving his stole for his wife.

Mickey although new to weaving had this plan after winding many bobbins " I think I will go row by row with my colors as I  chose my bobbins in a a particular order"
 Some weavers "start" very very methodical but with Saori  looms and weaving those plans really do not  very last long .
Before long Mickey abandoned that idea and as you can see  how creative and expressive  he became  way beyond his original  initial aspirations .

 chosing yarns

   Baskets  of cones of yarns  they each picked now time  to wind  them  into bobbins... an exciting first step.

  Then the fun begins . This was the first time mickey every wove. Sitting down to a already wound warp  on Saori looms in not intimidating  and from the start easy to grasp.

  For Antoinette this was her only second time to weave( the first time was just  last week in a try it class ) after which she said " I must come back for more !"... and she did! Saori santa cruz try it class here

  I want you to take a peek at micky"s first day of weaving accomplished ! wow

Micky's WAVES tecnique I covered in the second day .

Antoinette's  weaving... 

  Sparkles are not showing but… the ocean waves are!

  Micky is finished so off  comes his piece  as it reels  off the Saori  loom .

 beautiful !

twisting fringes 


Antoinette's piece is  JUST AMAZING!  her inspiration  was the costal California coast Hwy 1   the ocean mountains, acres of mustard growing this time of year, sunrises and sunsets !
She will be back to finsh her stole next week , and purchase a  saori wx60 loom here because she feels so good mentally and physically and renewed.

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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In closing a email from Mickey's wife:

"Oh Jill how thrilled I am that you were available to give a class to Mickey on Wednesday and Thursday and that he came home with the most amazing stole/shawl in the world.

Today I went to Pacific Grove with my knitter friends and they loved his work.  And every store we went to the sales women went crazy about it.  I said "yes, my husband made it yesterday!"

Thank you for teaching him.

Aloha, Madaline 

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  1. What a fabulous post! And what fabulous cloth was made--beautiful



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