Saturday, January 17, 2015

Louet's new S10C double treadle spining wheel comparison

Available  to try out in my my studio or purchase from my Etsy new s10 DT wheel here to ship now.

I love all my Louets wheels. some are 20+ yearts old some 8 years old and then there is the NEW Louet S10 concept wheel! it comes completely apart with quick release knobs. It fits into Louets optional padded  zippered bag with back straps and grab handle.  louet new s10c padded bag here

  If you do not want a fixed hook flyer you can choose the art yarn flyer,  sliding hook or high speed flyers, regular or bulky bobbins….. you build  and order you own wheel that you customize.
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 I did a side by side comparisom between the louet classic wheel double treadle irish tension and the new concept S10C wheel with the 5 spoke design.
I expected to find the momentum on the original solid ply wood wheel with a single hole wheel to be  better. I WAS AMAZED I never once had to reach over to postition the wheel on the new 5 spoke s10 C wheel! I took off the new reissued fixed hook flyer and an a regular bobbin on both wheels . I would spinn take the flyer off and and try it on the other wheel. 
I am very pleased with the new concept wheel. I weighed it  on a shipping scale basically IT CAME IN at  only11 lbs!

 All the tools you will need to asemble it came with it loom. I put it together  in 21 minutes taking my time.

 VERY  Easy to disassemble

...and if you prefer scotch tension you can order  the s10C the upright and mother of all and bobbins single or double treadle. 


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