Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jennifer's Saori learn to warp weaving class

A two day class at Saori Santa Cruz studio  in winding a warp threading beaming on and weaving….

 Jennifer brought her homemade warping board that she wanted to learn to wind a warp on so I secured it to the Saori free standing warping frame saori warping frame so she could continue winding.

  Threading th reed horizontally away from the loom saori cross protector /holder takes the place of lease sticks

and threading the heddles … Saori convenient threading holder

 Winding bobbins
  She has warped , threaded and tensioned  now weaving her hat!

 taking off her weaving...

 beautiful Jennifer
 Now making the the no sew hat…..

 brading,,, for class info list of just a few classes   for more info on custom classes or any questions go here to contact jill 
I would like to close with some comments about traveling with your Saori looms.
Jennifer showed up with her harnesses falling off and her back beam on her sx60 that fell off .

Opps. not a good thing! When you travel with your saori loom you need to tie the font and back beams and engage the back cog and pawl, BUT  to protect your loom and warp  and contain any falling  off parts a loom bag is best. I  design and sew loom bags … LOOM BAGS for the folding Saori looms.

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene



  1. Was hoping to see the completed no-sew hat!


    1. hi donna i just found this reply in my spam filter so i am just getting around to answering !sorry! you can always go to my web site , the like is in several places in my blog and eail me as well.
      Jennifer took her cap home to finish it so i do not have a photo of it BUT i have finished photos of this same kind of hat i have done in this past blog here
      peace at the loom
      jill nickolene sanders


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