Friday, September 5, 2014

Saori Hand woven jacket gets a makeover

This is a story of a Jacket my good freind Sue wove on her Saori loom, and sewed.
She sent it to me with these instructions  " Do what ever you want to this jacket Jill, it really needs something". Little did she know that when she gave me cart blanche  that I really took her at  her word.


 At first I tried a few tucks and minor ideas but it soon became apparant that I needed to add new sleeves with more shoulder definition.  I set about taking a few days to  rip out seams , in the end taking her jacket completely apart.
 Pieces pressed layed out awaiting a revamp.
 I drafted a raglan sleeve and cut away the previous short un flattering dolman sleeves
 Then set about piecing and cutting , and sewing

I moved the fringed jacket lower front pieces to the jacket's upper  top ,cut the sleeve opening ,added two pockets, moved the bold striped front piece now re cut to a sleeve back . The jacket  back I ripped the seam and took out 6" and added a off set over lap vent PLUS I made many other changes till…..

so this is the the


Now Sue's beautiful fringes can be seen

And Sue's exquisite Saori fabric she wove is now transformed into a  flattering wearable art piece with a fresh shape, two pockets, and raglan sleeves.

 Fringed pocket

 Pieced pocket and side vent slits

Zero waste….This is all that is left of her fabric!

Peaceful weaving, spinning, and sewing  classes in the redwwods 
Jill Nickolene Sanders


  1. This is beautiful, Jill. You have such an interesting way of approaching Saori fabric- you inspire me (and others) to imagine possibilities.

    Judi G.

  2. Love the jacket - really appreciate all the pictures! You are a great teacher.


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