Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saori weaving students Kai . My new Saori bag, yarns and more...

Take a look at some  wonderful weavings from Saori Santa Cruz students this past week and my new bag and yarn sets….

 Busy weavers ………………………………………………………………………...

Christal winds a cone with her choices of yarns to create a individual unique yarn.

 Wind  your own cone of yarns right on the Saori loom. Create them by winding 3,4,5 or more separate yarns.  click here Saori cone winder

  ….and then weave with your own special yarns like Christal did.

 sharing and learning new tecniques.

 Eileen  weaving her beautiful  long wool warp she will sew clothing with it.

 Saori kai's (sharing)  are fun and inspiring...
Silvia is a psychologist and here she showed her newest piece.  On this is  a wall hanging she gathered all the natural add ins from a nature walk and wove  with them in her weft.
Lichen  moss, driftwood,leaves , bark, shells...

We loved this one silvia called it "my resumé " . She said "  I use this When I  propose my healing retreats , in which  I explain that part of the days activity is setting aside  time for the participants to express themselves in dance , saori weaving and drawing.
This is one of her weavings  mounted on a file folder." This way amoung the words and figures proposed there is a real tactical weaving  to touch that brings home everything I want to say immediately . It is very well recieved."

Silvia wove this cool  pouch for her client sessions. They reach in and pull out colored markers . She uses   drawing in her work to bring out new channels of emotions and  communication.

 She Gifted me a tiny canvas painted and a small piece of her weaving attached with a magnet  .

 I made  and designed a new saori woven Bag!

  I gathered up some of my wool scraps and  a couple of left overs from students projects  and sewed  and created my new shape "hassock " bag. lined and zipped. big eonough for a week end bag, or my lap top,  or yarns and  knitting projects. all lined inside. The straps  i used  I sell in my Etsy shop leather straps here. They are just great quality for a reasonable price and easy to sew on!

All hand made items that are listed for sale and items already sold are original and ⓒ of jill nickolene sanders 20011 - 2014

(Note: I retain copyrights to all designs and images of my work, regardless of ownership.)

I love tiny boucle mohair yarns for weaving.
They can be hard to find. I have some lovely sets in my etsy shop at a very good price for 250 yards per skein

   boucle' loop yarn sets here

  some cottons too

 shop yarn sets section here

Jill Nickolene Sanders
my Etsy shop

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