Friday, September 5, 2014

New weaver, Saori loom threading holder and more

Some times our backs do not like certain positions when threading our looms. That is why Kenzo Jo the designer of the Saori loom, invented the Saori threading holder click here Saori threading holders
Given the choice all of my students choose to use the SAORI threading holder over threading directly on the loom as being more comfortable.. It is a unique design and the only one made that allows you to not only thread the reed but the heddles in the harnesses as well.
Christal is brand new to weaving, and took a intro class in the studio this week, for her second day class and she used the saori Threading holder to thread her ready made saori warp. I use mine all the time to thread. and I love it!

Christal weaving for the first time.

  Her first weaving !
  "What's this? oh I love this hat!"

I have a no sew Saori Hat Weaving Class….. contact me about scheduling a class 

 Christal loved weaving in fact she went home and dreamt about it, and was so excited she came back  two days later to learn more . First  she lerned some threading basics.
She bought the Saori book the first class and just loved reading it, and getting inspired. more info on the saori book click here ….Inovations through free weaving book

 So when it was time to thread her reed she asked if she could skip and cram warps in the reed and so I showed her how,  she did it beautifully.

 Skipped and crammed threading.
  the loom is threaded and tensioned  now onto winding bobbins….

 what I  love about the Saori looms is every thing is right there! The built in bobbin winders and  a shelf right on the loom.
 The thought of not being able to weave over the week end brought about the question" can I buy a loom, and take this scarf home and weave it ?"
The answer was yes,  i have theem in stock and so I took her weaving off (with out rethreading it) with a inside set, unique to Saori looms click here saori inside set and I sent her on her way with a new loom WX60 LOOM that she will assemble at home and  her threaded ready to weave warp all tied up in. She will hang it  on her new loom after afer she assembles .. All her wound bobbins went home her  as well. She will come back next week so stay tunned…


some new rocks have come into the studio. Lee is washing his new inspirations  
….they are awaiting clay ….

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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