Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saori weaving, Spinning class, and stuff I have been up to.

Been so busy, and I just am catching up on my writing …. Starting WITH  Tiffany... a talented jewelry artist House of stonez Etsy shop, who is interested in  learning how to weave  to incorporate ideas  into her jewelry. She came for a Saori  try it class …..saorisantacruz classes

winding bobbins with the built in bobbin winder on the saoriwx60 folding loom
What a delightful couple of hours we had, and as you can see Tiffany found some skills lurking that she did not know she had. I am sure she will be back to explore more weaving  tecniques ….


Meet Shizuka. She studied Saori weaving in Japan for 2 years and she wove and sewed these beautiful Saori cullote pants! pattern for these page 114 in the  saori book in english and another  cullote version in  the great pattern book  page 46 of the Saori Blue clothing pattern book
she did a fantastic job!

 But today she is learning a new skill , how to spin wool on drop spindles, and on spinning wheels.
 First we used a Turkish drop spindle to learn about drafting and twist

 The fun part of Turkish spindles is that when  you are done you pull out  the shaft and  whorl arms  and you have an all ready to ply ball of yarn.
 we used other types of wool including some mohair that she spun with a top whorl spindle.

 Then she plied the two yarns together on a heavier  plying spindle…..
  And took it off on a little  niddy noddy  to have her first little skein of hand spun.
 With just enough time left ...she graduated to spinning at the wheel.  The Louet S17 it so easy to use Louet S17 wheel

 She carried her drop spindle techniques over to the wheel beautifully.

 I especially love this photo for the close up her hand woven Saori pants!

 She  tried out the Louet S90 wheel too as we wound down a very successful  Learn to spin class. She will continue on later this month with another wheel class. wow she  is a very very Fast learner.


Every year for the last four years I do a self  imposed challenge for my self  in Jan Feb.
this year my challange is 30 IN 30 . ( 30" a day for 30 days)

  My first piece off the loom. A banner out of seine cotton  yarn to withstand the year long seasons.

Our Local Book Shop Santa Cruz  filled there magazine stand and the  winter 2014 edition shipment of Belle Amorie with my" art of the vitners tasting jacket" in it arrived last week . 
As my 6 year old grand daughter said, "we went to a book store and there was a book with your weaving in it". She just smiled... so i went down to check it out and yep they were in !

heading off to the loom to start my my next challenge weaving…
What are you weaving today?

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

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  1. Your photos in this blog are very well done and so descriptive of the Saori technique. I had not heard of it, and now your work has piqued my curiosity.- (Former weaver in Chgo area)


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