Saturday, February 15, 2014

Children's Saori weaving and learning to spin class

What a testimonial to Saori weaving and and the desire to want to learn to spin when Olivia, and Zoë requested to there mother that is how they wanted to spend there Valentines day this year  PLEASE please !
They had come to the studio to learn to weave last year but some how my phone number and  information got lost , and just recently it was found again! yea found it this time the girls took one of my business cards  each too….to make sure!!  They loved choosing there own yarns and winding  their own bobin after bobbin of pinks, reds, and corals and more…..

  wow ...and I  mean PINK!
 and lavenders too.

 Self assurred, motivated, loads of fun weaving…...

Alison brought along  her   hand me down problematic spinning wheel once again for adjustment and it is constantly needing  tweaking and fixing. This is the 3rd or 4th time we have fixed it I believe only to have it be problematic yet again... quickly. we were starting to  talk next about needing to replace parts for her hand me down wheel. It may be irritating for adults but it has been really frustrating  and disheartening to teach children on . Equipment that is not well designed and made is not for teaching thats why i am a Louet wheel  dealer love there wheels.. she is a spinner, and she is teaching  the girls but  just having a really tough time with her tradtional wheel. I sat her down to a Louet s10 double treadle wheel and  said "I think it is time you try another wheel. "
Immediately there was relief! simple, easy strong, non fussy the 40+ years the s10 has been in prodution it has been one amazing carefree non fussy delightful wheel louet S10 wheel. it ws so much eaiser! no flyer falling, off, thrown drive bands etc! yea!

The girls later in the class spun on it with  ease and confidence and spinning singles yarns with no equipment failures! What a joy. The probability that a S10 will be living at a new home soon is a very exciting option for the family. There are a whole array of louet wheel models , from travel to very good price point  entry level kits , all excelenty quality these are the models I adore and carry….  some more Louet wheels. the S10 has been the  longest in production  Louet wheel, and most popular for reason, it just is so durable and and you basicly sit down and spin. NO need for  lengthy adjustments every time you want to move it or change a bobbins. With the optional new  art yarn flyer even very beginners or children  can spin and if large unspun areas get drawn in the orifice accidentally , no problems  there are no hooks for the fiber to catch on snarl or create frustrations….

Alison  had to leave for an appointment and the girls and I wove and spun till her return...

" It's almost as tall as I am " said Zoë   WOW!

Olivia loved finishing the fringes and spinning as well.

   class info or contact me go here Saori Santa Cruz classes

Their mom returns to yards of woven saori fabric, and hand spun yarns from the girls…. a very happy Valentines day!

Peaceful weaving and spinning in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

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