Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A friends visit became a good time for trying a Saori weaving class

Discovering another fiber passion with a friend is more than exciting…. it is happiness weaving with yarns full of bobbins in boat shuttles!
Jenne brought Alissa, a visiting friend, to Saori Santa Cruz today for a saori try it class
 lets see what they did…….

  they traded to take turns weaving on each others piece to try out  the Saori  wx60 loom
 and the Saori S60 classic loom

The opportunity to try out the new wheel I am a  NEW dealer for the brand NEW wheel  click here National Custom Wheel Works spinning wheel

 This is such an amazing fantastic wheel. It is built in the USA by a man in washington state who made motorcycle and vintage custom car parts for years. He designed this wheel for his wife initially but they have just started to be made for production going to ship some time in May 2014. I am a dealer if you have any questions or are intrested in this wheel contact me  jill's email link
 A few comments were " I have a lendrum wheel at home I spin on , they are very  similar in some design features , but this NCWW wheel is more comfortable to spin on, ergonomically, I  know I sit up straighter with it"
" I love the huge bobbins, those are a real plus" " I really like this wheel!"

 Back to weaving...


 A interesting quote was chosen randomly from my studio "quotes" basket for students .
 Photos of  Jenne's Saori weaving ( Alissa  helped too)

 Alissa's  weaving ( well Jenne did some too)

  A fabulous weaving Alissa!

Memories  in photos too for a wonderful visit , and what a special pair of friends …. a pleasure to meet you both and share fiber stories….


Peaceful weaving ( and spinnng) in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene


  1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful day! I can't wait to hang my piece up to be reminded to "stay zen"! I hope to come back to your studio next year when I visit again...

    1. You are a natural weaver! It was a wonderful day! Love to see you again next year when you visit.
      Peace through fibers


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