Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dress form shell fitting for Saori weaving/sewing and a week of of creativity and inspiration.

Fitting a  custom " Uniquely you" dress form cover for a student at Saori Santa Cruz.
Sewing with a dress from makes for better draping and fitting and design options.
 In Saori we encourage students to design there own pieces with there own hand woven Saori fabrics.

Ok now Shar  needs to go home and get a person to help with the squishing and  zipping  it  up on the foam body core. A TWO PERSON JOB .

 Look what arrived this week, my new Columbine yellow spinning wheel . I had one but sold it this spring and then missed it to teach on , so I ordered this new yellow one . I am all about yellow right now.

 Super happy to have one in my spinning wheel herd again.

SPEAKING OF SPINNING WHEELS I love my Louet art yarn flyer! I have it on a Louet S17 wheel and I cardered a new ART YARN  batt of my hand dyed fleeces, and it is really looking fantastic! The flyer  spins like a dream!

 I visited with two students, Garnett and Roberta Monday. what talented artists they both are.
 Roberta makes precious metals clay beads( my photo turned out blurred) so no visuals to share .

 Garnet finished a few SAORI  pieces and showed us her stone sculptures  in her home and  her lamp work glass work beads.

It was a mini Saori Kai (sharing) and wonderful vist at Garnetts home.

Eye sight  is so important, I have worn glasses since the age of 5 , I should have had them even earlier . I went to have tests and a new perscription at my optometrist Dr Daly Tuesday.
Going back to a part of the office I had not seen before was this 14" wide SECRET door leading to a narrow beautiful atrium I was enthralled  had to stop and take photos.When I was as a child growing up in a small town in Ohio (5 generations from same town) there were many old homes, hotels, and historical place to fascinate my childhood. Even the home I grew up in was over 200 yrs old with double thick red brick made on the sight. this narrow passage way stopped me abruptly and i appoligized but said," I must photograph this before the tests!"

  The secret mini door ( 14" wide) at the office.

 Back at the studio I soaked and washed my saori  yardage

this is my  "empty bobbins 2" woven fabric washed and drying in the sun on the railing.

peaceful weaving in the redwood
Jill Nickolene
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