Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few reasons why I love Saori ready made warps

Yesterday a delightful student Silva returned to the studio for a class and to pick up her new wx60 saori loom saori loom, and bench glimakra weaving bench. We went over the options and she decided on threading a pre made warp  ready made warps (  exclusively produced by Saori ready made warp rolls by hand) on her new loom.
 Why are the Saori  ready made warps so fantastic? Think of the time saved for starting a  last minute weaving  say for a gift , for teaching others how to weave with out spending time learning the how and whys of winding a warp procedure, space restraints  no room for a warping board, disabilities, for children... to name just a few advantages. Occasionally special colors of warps are produced too.

The book SAORI  BOOK " SELF - INNOVATION FOR FREE WEAVING" this book by Misao Jo and Kenzo Jo goes over how to thread a new ready made  or pre made warp roll on the loom BUT not how to thread the heddles  and reed  off the loom using the threading holder. This is something I came up with in 2010 and my students have loved it and used it so I teach that method as well.. .

 Since Sivla and her husband are  currently looking for  new living quarters ( high demand housing  area , hard to find any place quickly)  their living floor space availability  is at a premium . The purchase of a warping frame would just diminish  their space no matter how flat it folds up against the wall even more. BUT  because it is a Saori loom  she has the option of using the premade warps, so a warping board  is not necessary. YEA!! and the saori folding looms close up with the warps on in 3 seconds clamp and only are 7" deep closed.

Threading the heddles and reed with a premade warp  with the unique holder saori threading holder off the loom it is so easy on your body.

 Threaded harnesses and reed are hung on the loom.
now Tying on the  threaded warp to the looms lashing rod.

 Tension  the warp . Happiness equals taking less time to thread and get on to WEAVING . she can also  change out her warps easily when ever she wants now using her inside set .

Ready to learn how to take her current weaving off and then tie it is a sturdy bundle , then be on her way home with her new wood x60 saori loom.

Silvia has a  Saori INSIDE SET whats a inside set?  all  threaded and tied up ready to  switch out her current weaving at any time in about 10 mins, or less. A dream come true for her.

peace through fibers
Jill Nickolene

weaving in the redwoods

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