Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saori Santa Cruz hand woven garment class part 2

Roberta and Shar brought there washed and twisted  fringe yardage to This  3rd  and last class at the studio . They will layout,cut and sew there one of a kind Saori garments today.

Shar is laying out her tunic from her newly pressed saori woven yardage.
I am there to give support when they cut into there beautifully woven saori  fabric.
 Pin basting and trying it on.

piecing / designing and trying options.

Basted and sewed and it is looking wonderful shar!

  Roberta's weaving needed steaming and pressing before cutting it out.

cutting tables and scissors, marking and measruing tools.... ready.

In Saori we piece out handwovens to give us stunning options, rather than imitate  wide machine cloth.

sewing stations in use.

This tunic is just so creative and beautiful shar!

enough fabric left over for a bias pocket.

 Trim the fringes and and press and the tunic is done!

don't you love it!
Many diferent ways to tie  and close roberta's vest.

very VERY nice vest!

 Shar is going to cut quite a bit off of her fringes at home, and I love LOVE  her tunic!
it is 4 layers some sewn  on two opposite  sides.

Roberta's vest is so creative too. I  It fits her petit shape perfectly!

Thank you for a wonderful 3 days students ! I enjoyed my Saori weave sew wear class too, problem solving , laughing, and watching you both empower your selves beyond your comfort zones.
And Roberta brought an amazing home made gaspacho soup for lunch( she shared her yummy  recipe with us too, thank you.)

peaceful weaving and sewing in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

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