Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two day workshop of Saori loom weaving

Robin, Jennifer and Singne took a two day work Saori work shop  here at Saori Santa Cruz studio  out out side on the deck this week. Every one worked on something different but we experimented with new teqniques AND  Singne  learned  to warp/thread as well.

Singne winding a warp

Sleying the reed

Jennifer , new to weaving, learned clasped weft.

Threading the heddles

Some of Robins great colors in her  weaving.

Beaming on the warp

 Singne learning clasped weft

 The Saori  comb reed in action here

 Jenifer weaving windows

 Robin's weaving off the loom

  we had a Saori Kai where we share our  previously  woven Saori pieces .

So inspiring Robin

 Jenifer wanted to learn how to weave a circle, and other things, and she did !

What a great piece,  lots learned , really cool jennifer!  

Robins Fantastic workshop piece!

Signe will come back to  the studio to finish her weaving . She spent  more, and very important,  time   learning warping and threading fundamentals  as well as weaving. Her colors she chose by applying saori's philosophy of not  over thinking, and they are marvelous  ..

 Wishing you peace and freedom in your weaving this July 4th
peaceful weaving

Jill Nickolene
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