Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saroi woven sandal straps 2012

I almost wore out my sandals and straps i wove  last year, they were so comfortable  so I bought a new pair of ssekos made in Uganda SSEKOS  and went to my saori warping frame  and saori  piccolo loom and wove a new pair of straps. Just in time for our 100 degree weather today. I designed and thought up  weaving my own sandal straps last year so I went looking for sandals that I could use them with without having to make the sandals as well. Now I wear these almost all year long here in california.

 I used linen  for  the warp yarn this year for added strength.

   The piccolo loom  with my weaving two straps simultaneously

 To help lace the straps through the sandal  loops I put aglets on the straps ends

wore them all today LOVE them.

Peaceful fun weaving 
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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