Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Saori weaver

What a fabulous day of Saori weaving Yonat had yesterday. Saori as therapy: emotional, spiritual, and physical heals many. yesterday was one of those days. Jeffery, as she continues to learn to spin, and Yonat ( who is an accomplished weaver ) as she explores a different way to weave by emptying her mind and letting go with out any rules.....


 Learning 3 color clasped weft technique.


Jeffery's spinning  after . It is definitely getting better and she  learning to loosen up.

wow there are some amazing feelings  being expressed here.

 As her weaving progresses it is becoming  more subtle, calming, you can not see  it but there is a metalic  silver in with the grey.

  Just off the loom!

Both sides are  equally lovely. Yonat is very pleased with the effortless of the saori loom and the freedom to weave and  express so freely.

 This weaving needs no words..... let it speak to you with all its emotion and vibrancy .

Jill Nickolene Sanders
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  1. Awesome design and blending of colors. Having just learned clasp weft, love how she did this! Inspiring.


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